Hanna Benn's multi-disciplinary approach incorporates dance, opera, and theater — submerging boundaries and discovering new sonic landscapes in the process. With roots in gospel and choral music, Benn began exploring music as both an intimate and collective experience at an early age. She now returns with her debut EP DIVIDE, out now via This Is Meru.

The EP highlights Benn's voice that carries with it crispness of cathedral tones — the sensuality of her sacred sonic corpus mixes with a clarity that rushes ambiguity out through the stained glass windows. She is able to take clearly delineated genres, deconstruct them, and then unify them in her work — creating pieces that are simultaneously accessible and profound, elevated and organic, sacred and common. The exquisite textures and unfolding melodic mantras on Benn's debut DIVIDE convey a sense of confident patience throughout the EP's meditative, forward-marching movements.

Out now, enjoy the remix EP of DIVIDE, featuring reinterpretations from Deantoni Parks, Ash Koosha, and Ian Chang. Listen here.

It sounds both otherworldly and unmistakably human, bathing deeply felt earthbound sensations in a blinding celestial glow.
— Stereogum
...an unmistakable sense of sanctuary woven into the song’s carefully constructed nest of harmonies.
— Pitchfork